Last Quiz From Me for 2014

So this is the last quiz that I’m gonna post this year.  There are gonna be many subjects.  1. Subject is obviously me. 2. Meeeeeeeeee 3. Not you

  1. Do I like someone?
  2. What’s my eye color?
  3. Have I ever broken a bone?
  4. Whats my favorite movie?
  5. Whats my favorite movie genre?
  6. What song describes my life right now?
  7. Why do I like 5 SOS
  8. Whats my favorite video game?

Good Luck!

Me At The End of 2014

So this year was my last year at Primary School before I go off to college!  St Patricks has been a great time meeting my bestest friends and getting to know more people.

I’m making this post so you know me better if you don’t already know.

My favorite tv shows are still the same with just a few new shows.

  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Gotham
  • Tree House Masters

My favorite foods my have changed.

  • Pie

My favorite games would have to be;

  • Assassins Creed (any of them)
  • Halo (all of them)
  • Basically all xbox games.

My FAVORITE books,

  • Love Aubrey (By Suzan LaFleur)
  • Eight Keys (Also by Suzan LaFleur)
  • Along for the ride (On wattpad by knightsrachel)
  • You belong with me Sequel to along for the ride (Also by Knightsrachel)

I’m gonna miss all my friends that are gonna be in there last year next year and that are 2 years behind me.

I hope you have a great festive season and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!


So Christmas is near! 23 days to be exact.   Personally I’m really excited for Christmas so I can get presents and have Christmas and have lots of yummy food like CHRISTMAS PUDDING!!

Christmas is my favourite holiday ever (Except for boxing day and my birthday)  My favourite present I got last year would’ve been Rugby Sevens tickets to the Sevens in Wellington which was AMAZING!

I love Christmas because you have real good food and spending time with your relatives and open presents.

This is my favorite christmas song atm.  It’s Mariah Carey All I want For Christmas Is You.  Hope you enjoy!

Well I hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m gonna be spending the new year Camping at Battle Hill with my friends and family! Happy Holidays! (Even though holidays are in 13 days)

Dickens Christmas Village - Department 56                                            Dickens Village 2010
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Take Us Back: Titanium

So yes people I am obsessed with music as you can tell. So this month I have a new favorite song Take Us Back by Titanium.

I love this song because it’s really catchy and it’s unique. They have their album All For You which came out in December 2012 which I’ve bought a few of their songs of their album like Come On Home, Sky etc. I like Titanium A LOT! When I say a lot I mean a lot a lot but not as much as 5 SOS!

Here’s Take Us Back!  Enjoy!!!

Troye Sivan- Happy Little Pill

So Troye Sivan by far is my FAVORITE YouTuber alive!

Troye Sivan is the best 19 year old YouTuber! He’s a singer/YouTuber. His latest song Happy Little Pill is the best song out from a YouTuber! Happy Little is on Troyes album TRXYE.  Troye has 2,827,737 subscribers. (His subscribes go up each day but that is the amount he had when I checked. He’s a South African- Australian Actor/YouTuber. Hes stared in Spud 1, Spud 2, and Spud 3 Learning to fly which comes out in November. He’s met so many people in his YouTube career, like Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Casper Lee and etc. He lives in Australia and is classified as an Australian but still has his South African genes.
Troye Sivan            Troye Sivan
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight

Here’s Happy Little Pill! 
Hope you enjoy!

A Maybe Bit Harder Quiz About Me

  1.  What is my favorite book? (I have 2)

  2.  What do I do mostly when I’m at home?

  3.  Who is my favorite member of 5 SOS?

  4.  Do I have any siblings?

  5.  Have I gotten in reps for the sports I play?

  6.  What is my favorite song atm?

  7.  Do I have any pets?

  8.  Am I a vegan?

  9.  Who is my favorite Youtuber?

  10.  What is my favorite country?

Good Luck!

5 SOS Concert!!!

So me and Jasmine want to go to the 5 SOS concert next year in Auckland and go to the sound check as well and the tickets cost $279.00 for floor standing which is basically front row! 😀  We just don’t know a way of raising that much money. 🙁

If you don’t even know who 5 SOS are who are you! Ok so heres SOME facts about them;

In the band they consist of; Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford.
They have there album 5 Seconds of Summer out now, and I HAVE TO BUY THE REST OF THERE SONGS ON ITUNES!
All of them are my Bacon and Eggs! (also know as bae)
Calum is my favorite out of them all.

So if you know any way me and Jasmine can Raise $279.00 EACH please leave a comment down below! 🙂

5 sossss

My Amazing Saturday!

Recently I went to Lets Be Cops with Lizzy, Ashleigh, Naomi and Kate.

Lets Be Cops is a comedy movie and is kinda funny to me and my friends.

We got to the movies round 12:10 bought our tickets and then went to go get a drink.  Lizzy and I bought a Blueberry Arizona from Pak’n’save and then went back to Coastlands for Ashleigh to get her Frozen Raspberry Fanta from LJS Fish’n’chip place.

After that we went walking around Coastlands to find a place to sit.  We found these red and black chairs to sit on, (they weren’t that comfortable) sat there, talked and drinked our drinks.  When it was 12:37 we left to go and get our seats at downtown cinemas.  (The seats there are comfortable)  When we got there we saw some 0f our friends, so Asheleigh completely forgot to let the person rip the thing of the ticket to go in so she came to the person and gave it to him.

When we chose our seats we moved like 4  times and before we chose our seats for the 3rd time Ashleigh and Naomi were being stupid and got told off.  We finally  chose our seats and the movie started.  Just before the actuall movie started Kate got there so she got her ticket thing and came.

After the movie finished we went to Pak’n’save we all got some hot chips and Lizzy and I got a Pomegranate Arizona.  We bought our stuff and then Kate and Liz decided to go back and buy chocolate.  When they came out with their chocolate we left to walk back to Lizzy’s house.

When we got to her house we tried to get in the back door but it was locked.  We had all decided that when we got to her house that we would go in her pool.  We all decided that we would just go in the pool in our clothes except Lizzy and Ashleigh, which there togs were on the washing line.  Me, Naomi and Kate just went in our singlets and spankies.  We were in the pool for about an hour.  After that we found out here mum had gotten home about 10 minutes after we had gotten in the pool.  When we went inside we got changed and went upstairs to play Just Dance 14.  I had one go and then my mum was there and picked me up and we went home.


So this year I haven’t really been keeping track of how many books I’ve read but it’s probably around 40.  I’ve read a lot of Graphic Novels from the public library.

My favorite book I’ve read this year is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  The book is really inspirational, has lots of quotes and can change the way you think of people with cancer.  It’s an amazing love story they go but takes an amazing turn near the end which is quite sad.  It’s quite an emotional book so I recommend it to ages 11+

My favorite series I’ve ever read is The Heroes of Olympus.   I find that series quite enjoying and I might read the series all over again!  If you do love the Percy Jackson series I do suggest Heroes of Olympus and the Kane Chronicles.

I love to read anything if I

    I find most of John Greens books really inspirational and recommend you to read them!  (And read more!!!)

Quiz Time!!

So recently I haven’t known what to write about until now!  I’ve seen on my classmates blogs that have questionnaires I’ve decided to do one now!

:This has ten questions 😀

  1.   Who is my bestest friend at school?
  2.   What is my favorite food?
  3.   What sports do I play?
  4.   Am I INLOVE with Food?
  5.   Who is my favorite band that I LOVE
  6. What is my favorite color?
  7.   Whats my favorite country?
  8.   What countries have I been to apart from New Zealand?
  9.   Who is my bffl?
  10.   Do I like to write questions?

So there are the 10 questions! 😀